Web designing itself explains the meaning i.e. creating, updating and proper planning of web pages of different websites.
Web designing further has different categories like webpage layout, graphic designs, content production, etc. It is an upcoming field in the IT industry of the contemporary world. Website also includes website structure, different colours, contrasts, fonts, icon designs, etc. Websites are designed by using different templates accordingly with a markup language known as HTML. Everyone tends to design his/her own websites by using different fonts or templates according to his/her own wish with proper layouts.



Photoshop Course

  • Working with Bitmap Graphics
  • Web Templates, Mobile app UI
  • Application interfaces
  • Designing a web and print Advertisement Media
  • Designing of logos and icons
  • Fabricating content

Illustrator & Coral Draw Course

  • Working with vector graphics
  • Create own graphics with help of line drawings
  • Designing your own character in line drawings
  • Working with Print Media
  • Graphics Concepts
  • Flat Design
  • Superimposed Over Images
  • Extreme size (large and small)
  • Creative use of simple typefaces

Responsive Web Design Course

  • Responsive Design Fundamentals
  • Media Attribute and Media Type Concepts
  • Web pages with mobile or smart device
  • Screen resolution CSS3 Pixel Vs. device pixel
  • Understanding CSS Box Model & CSS Resets
  • Learn How Your Visitors Use Mobile
  • Attractive typography
  • Elongated menus for vertical display
  • Data storytelling
  • Standardisation between design tools
  • Validation and Markup
  • Browser Testing & Mobile Testing

CSS3 Course

  • Working with CSS & CSS3 Rules
  • Special effects with CSS3 like text effects, transformations, Transition, animation & Interfaces, CSS3 Pseudo-classes
  • Display and Visibility, Browser compatibilities

Interactive & Web Multimedia

  • Creating animated contents.
  • Animated web banners and advertisement.
  • Audio & Video using in Flash
  • E-Presentations for web
  • E-learning– content development
  • Building a website in Flash.
  • Action Script Programming Basics.

HTML5 Course

  • Getting Started With HTML5
  • Browser Support & Features Detection
  • HTML 5 for Multimedia, Graphics
  • HTML5 Applications using Java Script & Jquery
  • Geolocation & Form Validation
  • New Semantic & Structural Elements
  • Relaxed Attribute Syntax
  • Cross-document Messaging the Origin Concept

JQuery Course

  • Basic syntax, data types, control, Structures & functions
  • jQuery Autocomplete
  • jQuery UI Accordion Widget
  • jQuery animation and advanced effects
  • Manipulating page elements with jQuery
  • DOM Traversal and Manipulation

jQuery Core API Documentation

  • Defining CSS3 and HTML5 property with jQuery
  • Integration of Features using JS and jQuery

Twitter Bootstrap (Responsive Technique)

  • Learn and understand bootstrap framework
  • Responsive Frame Work: Grid System and Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap 4 , You will learn to use bootstrap by getting experience from the project
  • Setting up the resources &Working with framework
  • Moved from Less to Sass.
  • Making one-column and two-column grid with Bootstrap
  • Making Fluid Responsive Layout With Bootstrap